TERMOCOM s.r.l. was founded as a medium size company in nineties, successfully supplying flue liners, chimney and press fitting system.

Over the years, thanks the constant owner's and its staff effort improving product under quality and service point of view, the company has achieved a significant market share and has become one of the leading companies in the flue liner and chimney sector of northern Italy.

The main factor for the customer satisfaction has appeared immediately the direct service; therefore the focus was to find solutions for problems of design and construction with the organization of an internal technical office supporting designers and installers in the various issues, making inspection of the construction sites, working side by side, and providing support before and after sales.

Year by Year Termocom srl improves its product range introducing solutions able to respect the technical development and market evolution. Today the professional installer and the designer have in Termocom srl their perfect partner in flue liners and chimney application thanks to the product proposal and mostly to the commercial and technical support.

All the products are CE approved according to UNI EN 1856/1 - UNI EN 1856/2 - UNI EN 14471.

For TERMOCOM s.r.l. quality is a key factor: already in 2001 its own management system followed the UNI EN ISO 9001:2000 achieving the certification in 2002 and constantly updating.
TERMOCOM s.r.l. offers a "turn-key" service with:

- technical inspections of construction site to find out the important data for the building up of a new or existing application;
- estimation of the costs, including particular projects for example support brackets or towers;
- professional installation of the flues in respect of local and national law;
- issue all documents required by the valid regulation after the installation.